Learn to Sing with your Free Voice℠

Our goal at each voice lesson is for you to learn how to sing with your authentic voice, which is a beautiful Free Voice℠.

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    Technically Correct & Holistic Approach to Singing

    Body-Led Singing holistically combines all the best technical, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of singing.

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    Subconscious Voice Repatterning℠ (SVR℠)

    Body-Led Singing developed SVR℠ to rewire the mental and emotional patterns stored in our suconscious minds around singing and speaking. Learn about Subconscious Voice Repatterning℠

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    Have Fun Freeing Your Authentic Voice

    In Body-Led Singing we breath, relax & play. We focus on making singing a fun & positive experience while we lean into our authentic voice, our Free Voice℠.

Private Singing Lesson Testimonials

What Our Singing Students Are Saying…

“[Anita] is enormously supportive and clearly passionate about her work. She is talented, giving, and highly intuitive. My lessons with her are helping me to grow as a person as well as a singer. Thanks Anita!” [more]

Naomi M.
Music Major, PSU Portland Oregon

“I met with Anita and I loved her holistic approach to singing.” “I was surprised how quickly my voice started to change, both with singing and speaking.” “I strongly recommend Anita for those who want to develop and free their voice.” [more]

Justinian R.
Portland, Oregon

I’m not only able to sing more freely and with more confidence now, but my body is more relaxed, and my mind has loosened it’s grip on control. Anita is super creative and fun to work with, and I’m always extremely inspired leaving our sessions. Thanks Anita! [more]

Amy Terepka
Portland, Oregon

Take the Next Step
with your Singing and Speaking

I want to help you find the NEXT STEP on your journey to your authentic, beautiful, Free Voice℠. Fll out the short form and we’ll get back to you with recommendations specifically for you.

Vocal Freedom Techniques to Free your Voice℠

Body-Led Singing’s weekend workshops and weekly group classes are perfect for beginners and advanced students alike. Using several vocal freedom techniques, participants relax, breath and explore their way to expressing their Authentically Free Voice℠.

(This video shows both video from a Body-Led Singing weekend workshop and Private Singing Lesson instructions.)

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    Safe & Supportive Community

    You’ll experience a safe & encouraging environment where you can push up against any perceived limitations with playful curiosity.

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    Linear & Creative Mind Integration

    The physics & physiology of singing meet the breath, movement and sound meditation for a total body learning experience.

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    Fun. Freedom. Play.

    A joyful tone of playful energy is at the core of everything we do at Body-Led Singing.

Group Singing Lessons / Workshop Testimonials

What Participants Are Saying…

Anita is a wonder at teaching voice to the whole body-mind! Not just the head or the body one at a time, the way I’ve experienced most voice teachers doing.” “I thoroughly recommend Anita as both a private voice coach and a group facilitator if you are in the market for this in your life.”

Kate Soule

Wow. Anita is such a talent! As a teacher and facilitator, I have seen her transform individuals” “I’d highly recommend Anita to anyone looking to enhance their singing abilities, confidence, and overall body and breath awareness. What a joy!

Sophie L.
Portland, Oregon

amazing for helping people to open up their voices” “Anita is both an inspiring and empathetic teacher, who truly understands the vulnerability of freeing our authentic voices, yet challenges us to have fun and enjoy every step of the process. I highly recommend her as a teacher and a healer.”

Amanda Sloane

Group Singing Workshops & Classes

Practice Vocal Freedom Techniques℠ with the Body-Led Singing℠ community.