Women’s Workshop Weekend 2017, Jun 10-11

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My next group class that I am promoting in this blog, is a women’s workshop targeted to help women connect their voice with their second chakra, the center for creativity, sensuality and emotion! Yay!!! I am so so exited to teach this class!!! It weaves together many things I feel passionately about. If you are a women, please read on!!

Most of you know that Body-Led Singing classes are a holistic approach to vocal training (singing and speaking), that utilizes vocalization, movement and improvisation.  All levels from the absolute beginner to the seasoned singer can benefit from these techniques.

Many of you don’t know that when I lived in San Francisco, I facilitated classes at S Factor, a pole dance class studio targeted for women’s empowerment. This background and training is a huge part of what has inspired me to offer this next women’s workshop.

Classes at S Factor where unique in that they were focused on teaching women to connect to their soulful inner Goddess. The culture of women was one of mutual support, honoring and friendship rather than competition. Women would leave class lit up, feeling beautiful and confident.

More recently I took Audrey Steele’s burlesque dance class, with a similar culture, and I was reminded of how deeply nourishing and fun it can be to dance with a group of women (She still has space in her next classes!).

I also saw and experienced very clearly the connection between the voice and our sensuality. Not only is it incredibly FUN, it’s also a practical way to embody the techniques of vocal freedom! Soulful movement engages deep diaphragmatic breathing.  There is a small step, smaller than you think, between breath-connected movement and using the voice as an extension of that breath.  When we take this step, the sound is supported and beautiful.

Another huge component to this workshop will be working with releasing stored emotions through the body and voice. This tends to happen naturally when we shift our breathing and vocalization patterns.

I believe that teaching singing and speaking is very much a healing art. I believe that when we put the brakes on our voices, or when we ramp up the speed and “push”, it is the equivalent of self-abuse.  In order to heal, we need to come back to our bodies rather than our minds, and pave new paths for expression.  Singing is a new path!  Speaking with resonance and clarity is a new path!  Improvisation is a new path!  Breathing deeply is a new path!

I believe that magical things happen when women get together and support each other.  I am so thrilled to be offering this workshop! If I’ve done my job well, the women in this workshop will fill their creative wells, connect with and support each other, and make more than a few permanent tweaks in their minds and bodies, lending to a more free voice. I hope you will be joining us!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me

Days: Saturday and Sunday June 10th and 11th

Time: 11am-5pm (both days)

Location: SomaSpace, 4050 NE Broadway Street, Portland OR.

Price before May 10th: $195

Price after May 10th: $250

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