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Video Transcript: “I teach vocal freedom. A free voice emanates confidence, clarity and resonance. A free voice is a healthy voice, one that feels good to the speaker and to the listener.

Most people think of singing and speaking as two different things but singing is sustained speaking, on pitch. I use two polar opposite approaches to teaching voice and then there’s everything in-between.
The first appeals to the linear mind, it’s based on the physics and physiology of how our instrument works. The second appeals to the creative mind. In Body-Led Singing workshops I guide breath, movement and sound meditation – creating a safe environment for people to push up against their perceived limitations with playful curiosity. We move away from perfection and towards surrender.

I feel so lucky to do what I do. I love how the voice is charged with the desire to create, express and connect. I love the look of astonishment on someone’s face when they hear their authentic singing voice come pouring out of them for the first time. And I love how much power the speaking voice carries, how the way we speak can be the link that turns our dreams into a reality.”
~Anita Estelle Stryker, BLS Workshop 2014

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