Voice & Singing Lessons in Portland Oregon

Location: Swaha Studios, 1235 SE Division Suite #103, Portland OR [Google Maps]

1235 SE Division St., Suite #103, Portland OR 97202

Body-Led Singing voice lessons are based in Portland Oregon at Swaha Studios.  We train classical and non-classical singers to use their voices in a healthy, beautiful way that suits their individual style and goals with singing.

Our approach utilizes a breath-based technique, along with techniques that help with resonance. The mechanics are specific, simple, effective and based on 18th century opera. If you have ever experienced vague or abstract instructions with singing lessons, it will come as a relief to have information on the physics and physiology of singing, as well as specific instructions for how to practice each week.

Anita not only a certified Voice Teacher, she's a Yoga Teacher, Dance Instructor, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.

Anita not only a certified Voice Teacher, she’s a Yoga Teacher, Dance Instructor, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.

A couple things make Body-Led Singing lessons unique. The first is that Anita is a trained hypnotherapist and knows how to work with your unconscious mind so that you get the results you are wanting. To clarify, this rarely involves trance. It does involve faster and more permanent learning. The second, is that Anita often incorporates elements from her group Body-Led Singing classes in private lessons – specifically, movements that help with connecting body-expression to the breath.

Lessons with Anita offer the full gamut of vocal training.

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