Private Singing Lessons

Anita Stryker, founder of Body-Led Singing℠

Anita Stryker, founder of Body-Led Singing℠

The Offering: Private singing lessons for adults & children over 10 years old.

Why I’m passionate about teaching voice:

It took me many years – over a decade – to find a method of singing that finally allowed my free voice to come pouring out.  I have tried many approaches.   If I could do things over, I would have started with the method I teach now.   It’s amazing how fast the process unfolds once you know where to begin!

It’s amazing how fast the process unfolds once you know where to begin!
~Anita Stryker

Throughout my personal singing journey, I have healed from many vocal challenges – using creative and intuitive approaches along side a meticulous technical understanding of the voice.  With a background in body-mind practices such as yoga, meditation, Alexander technique and dance, I have a solid understanding of the intersection between mechanical, emotional and spiritual aspects of singing.  I am passionate about teaching voice lessons, and believe that anyone with a desire to sing, can learn to sing well!

The Approach:

“a holistic method that includes the singing and speaking voice.”
~Body-Led Singing

My teaching is greatly influenced by the transformational voice method – a holistic method that includes the singing and speaking voice.  It starts with aligning the breath and body with physics.  Then we focus the sound into it’s most resonant space.  Along, the way we encounter muscles like the intercostals, the transverse abdominals, the larynx, the cricothyroid and more.  We discover where our body holds tension and where to engage and where to release. If your monkey mind is like mine and needs brain-science, physics and physiology, I can deliver that.  If it’s more about overcoming fear, giving yourself permission and surrendering to what your voice and spirit truly want to sing, I can also be of service.

As a teacher I make a point to put my attention on the solution rather than the problem

As a teacher I make a point to put my attention on the solution rather than the problem

The concept of “doing no harm” is also a strong influence on my teaching. It’s something I learned from Sally Munro, my Alexander technique voice teacher in SF.  This concept is VERY important and easier said than done.  Any sort of effort may manifest in the body as tension – often in the voice.  When we aim our attention on something we do not want, we contract against it.  In other words, we use effort.  This is a common way that I have seen voice teachers operate.  In my teaching I make a point to do the opposite.  I believe that when we put our attention and approval on what is already good, than it grows.  As a teacher I make a point to put my attention on the solution rather than the problem – inviting freedom rather than tension.

Unfortunately,  many teachers do not do this and here is why: In order to point out what to do, rather than what not to do, it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding about the voice that few teachers posses (something I learned from Linda Brice and my current teacher Janice Johnson who is also a trained vocal pathologist ).  Teachers need to have a detailed mental diagram of the anatomy and physiology that creates free singing, as well as a sensitivity to the emotional responses that produce tension vs. freedom in the voice.  There is so much going on anatomically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually when we put rhythms and melody together in the voice.  A teacher needs to be knowledgeable and attuned to all layers of this process in order to “do no harm”.  Just as in holistic medicine, the obvious “symptom” we hear in a voice, is rarely the root of the issue.  Finding the “root” issue allows relaxation into a deeper sense of support for the voice – both literally and metaphorically.

As a teacher, I am dedicated to beginning from a place of acceptance and approval and focusing my attention on the potential for freedom.   I meet my students where they are at – present to individual personalities and learning styles.

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My Credentials:

  • Graduated with honors B.A. in music emphasizing voice, 2006
  • Graduated from the apprenticeship program with Linda Brice founder of Transformational Voice, Portland OR. 2014-2015, and current student of Linda Brice  * The Transforational Voice teaching method emphasizes a holistic approach to singing that includes technical, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of singing.
  • 2 years of study with Sally Munro, an Alexander Technique voice teacher
  • Yoga Union Portland, 200 hour teacher training 2014 with Annie Adamson
  • Anusara Yoga Immersion, 100 hour, Yoga Tree Hayes, SF CA with Darcy Lyon and Stacey Rosenberg
  • 5 years of experience teaching children music (singing, piano, muscianship) at the New Mozart School in Palo Alto, CA
  • Certified life coach
  • Classically trained singer
  • Singer songwriter and jazz singer in Portland, OR