The Body-Led Singing Approach

Experience Community Based Vocal Freedom℠

This is a unique group singing technique approach where you will learn the basic techniques of singing through breath-connected movement meditation. It is an opportunity to sing for and with community in a supportive and fun environment! I believe joy and fun automatically set us up to develop wonderful singing habits. This is a fast road to vocal freedom, and has the added benefit of training your body-language and vocal tone to be more expressive, authentic and connected to your core. We all crave experiences of community, play, music and creativity.  We also learn most effectively in this sort of environment. Why not start from there?

“This is a fast road to vocal freedom
~Anita Stryker

In addition to supporting and developing the singing voice, these classes also work with the unconscious to support and inform healthy speaking habits.

We practice the technical aspects of singing while also working with the emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects. In the BLS approach, we do this through movement, journaling, witnessing, improvisation, community and play.

We use guided improvisation to enter into the meditative state.

We use guided improvisation to enter into the meditative state.

In the BLS approach, we use guided improvisation to enter into the meditative state. In doing so, we move away from the fear-based critical brain and toward more expansive and creative parts of our awareness. In the meditative state we are more receptive to learning. This allows us to shift habitual patterns of tension in the voice into patterns of ease.

Individuals find that they sing and speak with more freedom and that their sound is more beautiful, resonant and clear.

connect and collaborate creatively with like-minded individuals

connect and collaborate creatively with like-minded individuals

In addition, Body-Led singing classes and workshops provide an opportunity to connect and collaborate creatively with like-minded individuals. It’s fun! Many people resist singing around others because they fear that their voice isn’t good enough. However, if we are honest with ourselves most of us really enjoy singing with others. In these classes, there is nothing to prepare and no requirements to bring except yourself. We use a “moving toward” approach. This means that all-sounds are welcome. Most people end up singing with more beauty, musicality, pitch, etc. when they allow and accept their way to greater and greater freedom (It is the opposite of what our critic whats us to believe but trust me, it’s true).

WHEN? Saturdays 12:30-1:45 (or 2) February 20th – April 17th with a social-distance outdoor concert on Sunday April 18th.


COST?  Sliding scale: $225 – $320 ($75 to reserve a spot)

QUESTIONS? Please email,

Workshop description:
This online course will be providing weekly zoom meetings, weekly recorded vocal workouts, singing tools mailed to your door and a social-distance concert (that will have the option of attending via zoom).  This online course will provide a supportive online community to keep you motivated in your singing practice.  We will sing for each other, listen, share our goals, resistances, challenges, and joys, while also releasing tongue tension and connecting more deeply to our breath support and resonance.

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